Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Yard Golf

Continuing our search for "outside family fun" we discovered the game of Blongo Ball or Yard Golf as we call it. To play this game, one must throw two golf balls, connected by a rope, onto a contraption of pvc pipe. The pipe is formed to create a three-tiered goal of sorts. Each tier has been designated a different point value. The object is to reach 21 points without going over. It is probably no surprise that Allan and I were out for blood to beat each other at this game. As luck would have it, he won one game and I won the other.
Doing my winning victory dance

The deciding match will be played at a later date due to injuries sustained by munchkins. Emma and Jack were bound and determined to play along with us. Jack managed to throw a few forward toward the goal before bonking himself on the head with the very hard golf ball. Emma, try as she might, could only get the balls UP into the air, rather than up and forward toward the goal. When I tried to help her with the throwing technique, I managed to really bonk her hard in the head with a golf ball. That was the end of our "outside family fun". While it may not be the ideal game for our family at the moment, Allan and I thoroughly enjoyed it. :) It was too hot to keep playing anyway! HA! (the temp rose above 80 degrees on Sunday)

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Jacki said...

Sounds like Emma plays Yard Golf like I play Cornhole!! I knew she and I were kindred spirits! :)