Monday, March 12, 2007

Will, the chef

Will has added yet another skill to his growing list. One night last week, we let him have the run of the kitchen. He created a tasty combination of graham crackers, vanilla pudding, cherry pie filling and cool whip to temp our taste buds. The Cherry Delight as he calls it, received a thumbs up from everyone but Mom. Reason being: Mom doesn't like pudding.


John said...

I think Will is just learning to cook so he doesn't hae to eat green peppers anymore. I still can't believe he doesn't like the culinary wonder that is the green pepper. Also I would like to give the WEJ it's first official GO BLUE.

Allan said...

You are luckly that I am in a good mood or I would have had to edit your last phase. This is a family friendly blog - no more foul language.