Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can you say RBI?

If you look very close (or zoom in) you can see Will, #6 sliding into home plate!
The happy ball player

Will sure can!  He actually got three at his last baseball game!  We were so proud of him.  And of course, I was the lunatic mom who was screaming her head off in excitement.  
Something just clicked at his last game and he did an awesome job at the plate. And believe it or not, he didn't do any disco moves when he got to first base like he did last year.  HA!  Great job, Willster!

Soccer Boy

For what seems like an eternity now, Jack has been begging to play soccer.  Who knows why!  No one else in the family plays soccer for him to watch and yearn to play. Something just snapped and he decided he was going to play soccer - and he wanted to play NOW (this was back in February).  Well, the day finally came when he could play soccer.  He is actually participating in a "clinic" at the local YMCA.  The children are all 3-4 years old and cute as can be!  I have to admit, the first day, all we could do was laugh.  Imagine a 3 year-old with their short little legs, trying to put their foot on a ball and hands on their hips.  Cracks me up! 
The outfit cracks me up too!  The socks are long enough to reach up to his underwear, the shoes are the smallest size I could find and the jersey is sooo long that if I tuck it in his shorts, you can't see the number on his back (which is bigger than his back).  
All is going well so far.  Jack's only complaint is that the other kids don't kick him the ball. Hmm....why would anyone at that age be willing to give the ball up if they are lucky enough to get it in the first place?!  We have to talk through that one. 
Enjoy the shots of Jack in his Kiddie Kicker Blue soccer uniform! 

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Rooms!

A kiss of thanks!
The guys
View from family room to garage

The family room
Bedroom closet
Bedroom/sewing room

So here are some shots of the basement, with walls and a ceiling, after the guys were done on Saturday. They hung most of the drywall and put a first coat of mud on most of it. Yeah! Since they left, Allan finished the bathroom and hallway.  Still working on two of the closets.  Next comes mudding, and more mudding, and more mudding.......