Monday, March 12, 2007

Got Wood?

We sure do! And if you have wood that needs cutting, Allan is the man to call. After finally receiving this long awaited chain saw (story is sure to follow at some point), Allan decided to spend Sunday cutting wood and trying out this new toy. Let me tell you, if there was dead wood or fallen wood anywhere on or near our property, it fell victim to Allan and his chain saw.

Like most men of his father's liniage, Will fell victim to the sounds and smell of the CHAIN SAW! Here are Allan and Will sporting their best "manly" faces.

Here are some shots of Will carrying the logs for Dad and the muscles that he has to work with.

Enough of this manly stuff, Emma and I just want to pose pretty on the nice pile of wood.

Now all we need is our backyard fireplace! In case you're wondering about Jack's role in all of this....he was sleeping! His time with THE SAW is yet to come.

1 comment:

John said...

INTERESTING. So I take it the "deal to end all deals" of chainsaws worked huh? Maybe I will have to talk to my financial advisor (wife).