Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Watch Your Children!

This picture just cracks Allan up!

Father's Day 2010

View of the Linville Gorge
Our little birds fit in a tree!
Enjoying lunch
Linville Falls
Being naughty by climbing a tree

Father's Day started with lots of love for Daddy. Emma was first up and first to SAY "happy Father's Day". This is a big deal in our house.

After everyone was awake, we made Daddy and Will's favorite breakfast - breakfast samwiches! They were quick and filling to get us on our way to another hiking adventure. Because it was forecasted to be in the 90's, we chose Linville Falls, hoping to get wet in the falls and cool off. Not so!

Linville Falls is very remote and cannot be found on the GPS. We had to enter coordinates found in our hiking book and then drove about 2 hours to get there. We ended up at a little visitor's cabin and talked to a couple hill women about the best hikes. They told us about some "city hikers" who were there the day before. They made the mistake of telling us that these hikers had seen two snakes. Emma was a bit worried after that! They also mentioned the lights of Brown Mountain. Will then piped up and explained the folktale that explains the mysterious lights. It's a very interesting story that Will is happy to share if you are curious!

We drove about 4 miles up and down and around a dirt/gravel road to get to Wiseman's View. It was a stunning view of the Linville Gorge and Table Rock Mountain. While walking the short distance to the overlook, Emma fell and cut up her hand. Someone always has to fall......

From there we drove on the Blue Ridge Parkway to another visitor center and trails going to Linville Falls. We ate a picnic lunch (on the ground) because all of the picnic tables were occupied. Then, we hiked to Erwin's View of the falls and two other trails that offered views of the falls. It was clearly stated that no one was allowed in the falls. So much for cooling off! We did have to cross a creek while on Duggers Creek Trail and Will really cooled off. He fell in and had to ride home in his underwear!

It was a great day of hiking and we ended it by eating out in Hickory. Happy Father's Day to the best dad ever!!!


Looking out over Linville Gorge
Injury of the day
Love above the Gorge
My favorite people