Thursday, March 15, 2007

Tooth Fairy Visit

Nothing about Will can be normal. We should just expect that. He just lost his third tooth on Monday. This was also the third tooth that had to be pulled. This just doesn't happen to normal children. Just as before, his permanent tooth came in behind his baby teeth. No amount of wiggling or threats from Dad could get the baby tooth out. So, away we went to see Dr. Tina. Like the last time, Will was a real trooper and didn't mind having the tooth pulled. He proudly brought the tooth home and put it in a glass of water before bed. For those who are not aware of this ritual, the tooth fairy comes at night and when she dips down to place the gold coin in the glass, her dress touches the water and turns it the color of her dress. Her dress happened to be blue Monday night. Not only did he leave his tooth for the fairy, but he also decided to write her a note.

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