Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yet Another Creature.....

While I was talking on the phone with Grandma, Jack was trying desperately to get my attention. Since this is my big pet peeve (kids interrupting while on the phone), I gave him all of the hand signals to be quiet, wait until I am off the phone and take care of it on your own. He finally got the hint and took care of the business himself. The next thing I know, he is marching up the deck steps with a bug carrier in hand. Inside the bug carrier, was a very large lizard! That child took it upon himself to find the bug carrier (actually a hermit crab cage) and catch the lizard.

This lizard was different from the others that we have around the house. Most are blue and very quick. This one was quick, but brown and its skin looked like tree bark. I just can't believe that he caught the thing! Of course, he insisted on keeping it. He wanted to show it to Will and Emma. Then, he had to keep it long enough to show it to Daddy. Then, he had to show it to his friends at school. Then, he had to keep it long enough to show Ms. Nancy (his teacher) and her children how it eats a live cricket. The live crickets were compliments of our neighbor, Michael. He has a nice mom who allows a lizard in the house.

This kept dragging on, until finally, after two days, I convinced him that it would never live in our house and would eventually die. True to Jack's nature, he had an answer for that - bury it in the backyard when it dies!

I did talk him into letting him loose right where he was found. Believe it or not, that lizard took his time moving up the tree and away from Jack, the wild animal catcher!

After a little research, I discovered that it is an Eastern Fence lizard! Love Google!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Best Mother's Day/Anniversary Ever!

Will noticed this family of deer while driving through the park
On top of Stone Mountain
My awesome husband of 12 years!
On top of the world
The triumphant hikers!
My awesome family
View of Stone Mountain from the Homestead

I KNOW I was the happiest mommy on Mother's Day this year. I am so thankful to be a mommy. I have my days when I question my sanity and ability to raise three children, but May 9, 2010 was not one of those days. Not everyone is able to experience this gift.

Not only was May 9th, 2010 Mother's Day, but it was also our 12th wedding anniversary. Our wedding day was one of the happiest day of my life. Probably THE happiest, but remember, there are also 3 births to consider! Allan continues to amaze me and make me happier than I ever imagined. Don't get me wrong, it isn't bliss 24/7, but it is pretty close! I really do feel blessed to be married to such a handsome, smart, kind, generous and fun person.

My day started out with breakfast in bed, made and served by Will (with a little help from Emma and Jack). Normally, we would have gone to church, but we did that the night before. This allowed us the luxury of leisurely eating breakfast and getting ready for our hiking trip in the mountains. Since it was unseasonably chilly that day, we chose Stone Mountain, which was only about an hour away and no waterfalls (so we thought!). Our original choice was Linville Falls.

Once there, we talked to a Ranger who suggested going to the falls and then the homestead, both of which were short, easy hikes. The hike to the top of Stone Mountain was classified as "strenuous" and we didn't think Jack would be able to make it and neither Allan, nor I were in shape to be carrying a 4 year-old up a mountain!

The falls were beautiful and not far off the road. After lots of photo shoots, we headed for the Homestead where 4 generations of a NC family had lived. We ate our picnic lunch and checked out the interesting old buildings. We could see Stone Mountain from the Homestead. On our way back to the parking lot, Will explained that there was a short trail that went to the top of Stone Mountain, which he had hiked with the PE Club at school. I really don't know what we were thinking, but we just followed him. And kept following........until we had climbed so many steps that I thought my legs were going to fall off! Eventually, we made it to the "stone" part where there were metal cables to assist us in climbing. And then, we were at the top! It was absolutely beautiful! And no one had to carry Jack!

We finished off the day with ice cream, cutting down a tree in the backyard and pizza at 8:00 at night! Another fun tidbit: Allan and the kids surprised me with an ipod touch! No more paper calendars! My family is the best!