Friday, June 26, 2009

Looking Back

I can't believe that four years have passed already since Jack entered our lives. What an incredible addition he has been to our family. I thought it might be fun to look back at his previous birthdays as well as a "pre-Jack" moment.

Happy Birthday, Jack! We love you so!

Jack's Big Day

The big day FINALLY came and Jack was able to celebrate his 4th birthday! Hooray! Jack woke up to find birthday banners and presents in the kitchen. Being the awesome 4 year-old that he is, he didn't fuss about having to wait to open the gifts until Daddy got home from work. He then started his day by baking triple berry muffins for breakfast. We even put his on a heart plate and lit a candle for him to blow out. While the muffins were baking, Jack decided to get in the robot mood and turn himself into one using bowls. ????? He always has been a little different. ;)
After breakfast, we all got suited up and headed for swim practice which starts at 10:00. We played in our pool until noon and then met our friends, Juliette, Giovanna and Nathan for lunch and more swimming at their pool. It was fun being with friends and checking out a different pool. By 3:30, we decided that we had enough sun and it was time to get home and decorate the ROBOT cake.
I still don't know what prompted the desire for a robot cake, but after asking for several months and still getting the same answer, a robot cake was what we made! We stopped at the drug store the day before and picked up all different kinds of candy to transform the cake into a robot. The cake flavor of choice was Devil's Food (hmmm......what's in a name?). I made the frosting, slathered it on and the kids put the candies in place. The cake was decorated just in time for Daddy's arrival home from work.
Jack chose a dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, so all was good there. I was happy he chose something quick since we didn't have much time after the pool and cake decorating adventures. Jack opened gifts while dinner was cooking and was especially happy with his panda Webkins, Legos and flashlight. The skates from Mom and Dad were not a big hit with Jack - they were however, with Emma.
It was so nice outside that we ate on the deck and started making his Lego car that he just got. I think he had a very nice day. While I was going to the bathroom after dinner, Jack came in and announced "the birthday boy is sad". I asked, "why?!". He replied, "because it is nighttime and my birthday is going to be over".
Happy Birthday, Jack!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Will's Adventures, by Will


I went camping and saw... Old man's cave,Devil's bathtub and a snake!

Luckily it did NOT bite us.
We went to rock cabin.
Occasionally on the trails there was a KID EATING HOLE!!!