Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ohio Summer, Day 5

On day five of our Ohio adventure, we picked up Grandma and headed up to Lake Erie to visit with Aunt Debbie. There's always a good time to be had with Aunt Debbie, but especially in the summer!

Since Aunt Debbie lives just steps away from Lake Erie, the kids were able to swim in the lovely algae-filled water. Luckily, Matt was available and nice enough to get in the water with them. For some odd reason, I prefer that the water I swim in be free of green floaties. :) They had fun and didn't even care if the water was green. As always, they found lots of "treasures" at the beach to take home.

We were lucky enough to have both Matt and Brad spend some time with us. I think all three kids would have taken them home with us, but unfortunately, they have work and school to keep them in Ohio. We're still holding out hope that Brad will stay with us after he graduates so he can look for a job in NC.

Deb made her famous margaritas and we stayed up late watching "Avatar". I have been adamantly opposed to watching this movie and told Allan that he would have to watch it alone on a night when I was out with the girls. I am big enough to admit that I watched it upon Deb's recommendation and LOVED it. The kids did too, although that was no big shocker.

The WEJ with their cool cousins, Matt and Brad

Deb shows off her margarita ingredients
The kids have fun with Grandma at the beach