Monday, March 5, 2007

A trip to John and Jacki's new pad

Dad and Jack at the beach - Jack really is having fun!

Check out those same smiles!

We spent the past weekend visiting Allan's nephew, John and his wife, Jacki. What a great time we had! They live close to the ocean, so we stopped at the beach Saturday morning to pick up some shells for Miss Emma's show and tell. It just so happens that this is "S" week at her school. She was so excited to get some shells and even a sand dollar to share with her friends.

Emma finding her show and tell treasures

There were lots of fun new experiences for the kids at John and Jacki's. They enjoyed cannonballs into the "Love Sak", motorcycle rides with Jonner, corn hole and of course, the wii. Emma may end up being a golfer Will preferred the boxing. Allan beat me in boxing, but that isn't saying much. When I did the physical fitness test, it estimated me at being 78 years old! I guess running after 3 kids all day isn't as much of a workout as I thought it was! Better join the Y.

Enjoying the Love Sak

John even impressed us with some of his culinary skills. He can make a mean omelet and I learned that adding lime juice to a pork marinade is tops! Will tried to impress with his cooking skills, but we ran out of time. Next visit with John and Jacki promises his famous cherry delight.

Jonner makes a Yum-o lunch

John and Jacki have a beautiful house, but there is one huge problem with it. The kids have been having Michigan nightmares after sleeping in John's Michigan decorated room. We had to detoxify them with lots of scarlet and grey exposure after arriving back home. That being said, we may never get invited back, but I had to post this as a warning to any Buckeye fans who might be considering a trip to John and Jacki's new pad.

Will and Jacki playin' the wii

Emma gets into the wii boxing

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