Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jack is GROOVY!

Well, his teeth are anyway.  After a visit to the dentist earlier this week, we found out that Jack's molars are extremely "groovy".  So what? you say. Well, this, combined with his regular intake of sticky prunes, has resulted in two cavities.  I felt sick. I feel that I am somewhat of a Nazi-mom when it comes to brushing, food selection and regular dental visits. My kids are not allowed to eat those ever-so-popular fruit snacks.  I rarely give them juice.  Like chocolate milk, it is reserved for "special" occasions. I THOUGHT the prunes were a smart choice to combat his bowel issues.  Looking back, I just wasn't thinking at all.  Prunes are sticky, sugary (albeit good for the digestive system) cavity producers. Well, to be fair to the prunes, he does have those groovy teeth, but who knew?! 

To conclude my ranting, I have to end on a positive note.  Jack, the rock star, went marching into the dentist office, without me and had both cavities filled at the same time.  Not a tear was shed and if you ask him, he will tell you that he was BRAVE at the dentist today.  What a guy!  He even scored an ice skate key chain.  This was a rainbow ending to a previously cloudy day.


Friday, February 20, 2009

Emma's New Bag

Last Saturday, we actually had a free day with no scheduled activities.  Allan and I took the opportunity to file our taxes (wa hoo!) and during breaks, I made a new "girly girl" bag for Emma. I had a ball making it and it turned out quite cute.  I used Amy Butler fabric which, in my opinion, makes ANYTHING look cute.  Emma liked it so much that she carried it around the rest of the night and all day Sunday.  It was so easy and fun to make that I am planning to make her a bigger one to carry things in when she visits friends. 

Sign of the Times

This is what I saw when I walked into my bedroom the other night.  Do I really seem like the type of girl who would sleep with a light saber beside her bed?!  Evidently, Will thought I needed it during the night, wanted to play with it while he was sleeping and couldn't or just left it there inadvertently.  Any of these options are feasible, knowing Will.  
Not only did this sight crack me up, but it also reminded me of how precious our children are.  I know that the day will come (all too soon) when I will be wishing there were toys in our bedroom again.  But for now, I will giggle at the sight and then fuss at all three of them for leaving their toys in our bedroom where they don't belong. 

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday MJ!

Happy birthday to my friend, Mary Jo!  Can't wait until we can have a birthday drink together.  Enjoy your day!