Friday, May 18, 2007

Will is growing up

I knew it was coming. I really did. No matter how well I might have thought I was prepared, I was probably just fooling myself.
The week started by Will announcing that he will longer be wearing underwear with pictures. Those are for little children and now that he is growing up, he will need me to buy him some plain colored underwear, or better yet, white ones. OK, then. I could understand that.
Next, he wore cologne to school. This was HIS cologne (Aqua di Gio) that he had acquired by flirting with the cologne ladies in the department stores. When he got home from school, he told me that the girls were "crawling all over" him that day. He ended up "stuck" in the slide and one of the girls just didn't want to let him go until she kissed him. Evidently, he got away.
Because of this situation, Will decided to not wear cologne to school the next day. When he got off the bus, I asked him how things went since he didn't have the cologne to attract the girls. He said they STILL crawled all over him. It wasn't the cologne at all! It was the way he LOOKS! I was completely speechless and the conversation went no further. Really! What do you say to that?!
On Thursday, he announced that it was time that he made cookies from the cookbook that Nana had given to him. He chose Snickerdoodles because they are Nana's favorite and I never make them (mostly because I really don't care for them). Since he is now Mr. Big, I decided to let him do it all. He read the ingredients, read the instructions and then mixed them up. Not even an egg shell went into that batter. I had to help with the cream of tartar because it didn't want to come out of the jar, but otherwise, it was all Will (much to Emma's dislike, of course - she ended up crying in her closet). When it was time, Will rolled the dough into balls and then the sugar-cinnamon mixture. At this point, he allowed his sister to help, thank goodness. While I was helping Emma with the rolling, Will decided to get out the cooling rack and place the hot-out-of-the-oven cookies on it (using a hot pad for safety, of course). He was awesome! When the first batch was cool enough to share, he took the cookies to the neighbors. One neighbor invited him to eat the cookies with tea outside on their lawn. So, we all joined the tea party and had a lovely evening!

Enjoying tea and snickerdoodles on the lawn

Jack enjoys his milk from a tea cup!

Part of me is sad to see Will growing up so fast, but another part is so proud of his progress and accomplishments. So life goes....


Dennis said...

Nice to hear Will's first order of business (after getting his underware situation in order) was to make something to eat! You will never have to worry about him going hungry! They grow up quickly, enjoy every single day.

Nana said...

Will, I am so proud of you!! I am really glad you like the cookboook. I can't wait for you to make something for me. As for the girl situation, we need to have a little talk about that--soon!