Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Snuggle time

Our kids are awesome. From the minute they wake up in the morning, until bedtime, I just love them to pieces. Now, they have their moments, just like the rest of us. Sometimes I would like to just lock them up for a bit until I can feel the love again. This usually occurs around late afternoon or at dinnertime. It is something I can count on and I have learned to deal with it (I have resorted to other methods besides the above-mentioned locking up).
Another thing I can count on is three snuggle bugs at bedtime. Something about taking a bath and putting on those jammies just turns them into sweet little bugs that I just want to eat up! What is just incredible is that they are not only snugly to me and Allan, but they are to each other as well. That just melts my heart. I realize that this is short-lived, so I relish it while I can and soak it up.
The other night I decided to capture this snuggle time on camera. Everyone was in Emma's bed giggling and loving on each other. Then, it was mom and dad's turn to get into bed with each of them and snuggle. When they are teenagers and fighting endlessly with each other, I plan to make posters of "snuggle time" and put them on the wall next to their beds. :)


Dennis said...

What a great post. These are the times that will always be remembered as great moments. It is so good of you to capture them - it makes it a historical fact.

Tanna said...

What is funny is that they will probably be remembered by Allan and I as great moments, not necessarily by the kids (either because they are too young or they aren't stand out moments for them). So, you are right that it is good to capture these moments.