Monday, May 14, 2007

New Patio Furniture!!

After searching the globe for the perfect patio set, I realized that I had found it. The problem is that I found it last year, at Costco, in Indiana. After fruitless searches, it was determined that nothing else would compare to the set that I LOVED from last year.

Being the determined person that I am, I made it my mission to obtain this patio set before summer was here. Most of my searching came up empty, but I was bound and determined to get THE patio set.

This is an abbreviated version of my ordeal....

I thought I had hit the mother load when I found it at the Costco in Greensboro, but lo and behold it was "sold". Darn. I was fortunate enough to get the sku from the manager there. He then did some searching for me and he found one in Charlotte. GREAT! It is only an hour from us and I could pick it up the next day. Everything was arranged. While getting ready for church the following day, we received a phone call from the Charlotte Costco and the manager said that they didn't have a set. It was sold under the wrong sku and was no longer in their inventory. He corrected the situation by having one from Georgia shipped to our local Winston Salem Costco. It finally made its way to Winston and Allan picked it up with a neighbor one night last week. Thank goodness for neighbors! He happens to be a salesman for Callaway and has a huge utility truck that he uses to display his golf equipment. We decided that this would be better than putting the table on the roof of our rental van (why we had a rental van is another long story!). Good thing! Because the table was so heavy that they needed to use a fork lift to put it into the utility van. Once it arrived at our home around 9pm, we were on the phone calling up neighbor #2 who happens to be a US Marshall and is built like a brick - house. He came to the rescue and helped Allan carry it up the 2000 deck steps. After all of that we have our furniture!! Hooray!!! WE LOVE IT!

Here is the table.......

And we discovered last night that it came with a cover that is so big that it covers the table and all six chairs! How awesome is that?!

Thank you Allan for spoiling me!


Jacki said...

What a beautiful patio set!! I wanted to get one similar to it, before we opted for our giant lounging chaise instead. :)

Mom said...

You're right,Tanna, you are spoiled! But hey, why not?! The set does look gorgeous, can't wait for you to serve me dinner & drinks on it.

DW said...

So your spoiled - get over it and move on. (Ha Ha) Nice looking patio set. Did it come with a matching cigar ash tray?