Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Do I Need Help?

OK. I admit it. I am turning into an old woman.

First, it was the bird thing. My high school friend (her name will be omitted to save her dignity) and I are obsessed with watching birds and figuring out what kind they are. This concerned us both because it is something "our moms would do". Nonetheless, it is a subject that comes up almost every time we talk and we really dig birds.

Now, it is the gardening! I knew I had a problem when I told my mom today that I had bought the last of my flowers for this year and she laughed. Well, she roared, actually. This is something my mom enjoys with her friend. Something that she can dabble with and enjoy in her spare time.
What is up with me?! I LOVE it. I am obsessed with looking at flowers, flower magazines and garden centers. I could spend hours looking at my flowers, dead-heading, watering, planting, watching for seed growth, etc. This is something grandmas do, not mothers of toddlers! I should be watching for children falling off lawn chairs or crossing the street illegally, not new buds or leaf growth!!
The first step to recovery is admitting the problem. I have done it. We'll see how I do.....
Here are some photos of my latest obsession. Fear not! I will post more as they mature and grow throughout the summer. I also have to note that these are just a COUPLE of my flowers. I just haven't captured them all on film yet.


Mom said...

No darlin', you don't need help, you've always been a bit ahead of yourself in some ways. It is called pacification for sanity. Keep up the good work! Oh, the flowers are GORGEOUS!!

Jacki said...

Those big pink flowers next to the driveway are so pretty. What are they?

Tanna said...

The big pink flowers are an azalea bush. We have them all across the front of the house, but the Easter frost killed the buds on the other bushes.

I am guessing you have some at your house - most every southern home does, but the frost may have gotten to them.