Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Only me!

Yesterday, while Jack and I were running errands in Winston, in a very busy shopping area, we happened upon a very unusual situation (for those of us in the city, that is). I was turning onto a four lane divided highway and discovered that it was blocked by GEESE! There were two adults and about 5 or 6 "teenagers". By the time I had arrived, they had already made it across three lanes of traffic. I was in a hurry and wanted them to speed things up and finish their crossing. In my attempt to speed things along, I moved closer to them. This only created confusion and the whole group decided to turn around and go back to where they were coming from! Oh the frustration!
I have to say, those geese were the only calm beings out on the road at that time. There were people stopped and just laughing their butts off. There were women in minivans, pointing the geese out to their children. Children were excited and trying to hang out their windows to see more. Jack was probably the only human unfazed by this event. I am guessing that he really couldn't see what was going on from his location in the van.
We managed to squeak past this feathered family to continue on our errands in a timely manner. I am not sure whether or not everyone else got to their intended destination. I just hate it that Emma or Will was not there with us to enjoy this very unusual event.

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