Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Rocket Man

While taking our weekly spin through Costco after church on Sunday, we came across a couple price reductions that we hard to pass up. We purchased a Tiger Shark kite that is purple and very intimidating which will be the perfect toy for our upcoming beach vacation. We also found a rocket that is blasted by a pump that you push with your foot. I thought it looked a little cheesy, but the guys in the family were all geeked out over it, so I gave it a thumbs up. Let me tell you, that rocket will soar!!!! It is hysterical to watch Jack jump with all his might on the pump and make the rocket fly (pretty high). Then comes Emma, who throws her whole body into jumping to really make it soar. The real Rocket Man is Will. He stood on the driveway and aimed the rocket to fly over the deck to the other side of the house. Allan and I were on the deck and about fell out over how far he got this thing to fly. It was awesome!

Point: Listen to your kids (husband included) when it comes to picking out the fun toys!

Here are some shots of the fun new toy.


Anonymous said...

MAN, Will!! You look as if you are ready to take off flying! Looks like a lot of fun. How far do you think I can make it fly? Nana

Tanna said...

Nana, Emma says you will be able to make it "fly high as the sky". Will says "I don't know". :)