Monday, May 14, 2007

My Mother's Day

Me and my awesome kids on Mother's Day!

Words cannot describe the joy and love that I felt both for and from my children this Mother's Day. As the children grow older, they are able to express their own feelings of love in so many different ways.

Jack showed his love with wet kisses, bear hugs and lots of loving looks using his enormous chocolate brown eyes. He started showing his love at 3am. He was SO tired as he didn't nap at all on Saturday, but he just couldn't sleep. We loved each other a lot while rocking, hugging and finally flip flopping in our bed. Note: Daddy helped with some of the loving and eventually had enough love and slept on the couch!

You would have thought Mother's Day was a day to celebrate Emma as excited as she was for it to come! She made a MOM sign for the refrigerator and gave it to me the minute she got out of school on Thursday. On Saturday, she couldn't stop saying how excited she was for Mother's Day to come. She has made a note for me almost everyday of the past week, saying "hape moth da Mom". She is insistent on sounding out and spelling words on her own. :) Sunday morning, Miss Emma came bouncing into our room with her rat's nest hair and sleepy eyes. In the sweetest voice ever heard, she whispered "happy Mother's Day, I have to go potty". After going potty, she showered me with kisses and was off for the kitchen to make more Hape Moth Da Mom signs and help Will make me breakfast. She continued to shower me with love throughout the day with out-of-nowhere kisses and hugs.

For Will, Mother's Day was all business. He woke up and went straight to work in the kitchen. He fixed a tray of granola, water in a travel coffee mug ("because kids can't make coffee") and a bowl of Fiber One cereal. He brought it to me in bed with a huge smile and a nice juicy kiss. Then, he was off to more Mother's Day business. He made a vase out of paper, went outside and picked some flowers from the yard to put in it. He presented this to me with a huge explanation of why they weren't nicer flowers and why there weren't more, the reason behind the gift, how he made the vase, etc..... Thankfully, Will isn't past the hugs and kisses yet, so I got lots from him throughout the day.

Allan, I believe, really appreciates what my job as Mom entails. So, he and Will got together and decided upon a gift. This was the gift of all gifts. One that had lots of thought put into it, one that evoked surprise (remember, I am the woman who could never be surprised) and shock. After Will's baseball game on Saturday, they all took me to an undisclosed location. I thought I had the surprise figured out, like I always do. I was fully prepared to pick out a bicycle with the help of a professional at this special location. When we pulled into the parking lot and I saw the BERNINA sign, I was speechless! They were buying me a sewing machine!

This is something that I have wanted for a long time. However, I didn't want just any sewing machine. I wanted a good one that would last until it was time to sew for my grandchildren. One like my mom's that has lasted over 30 years. I wanted a Bernina. Well, I got my Bernina. I was so surprised and excited that I didn't know what to do. I argued with Allan that now as not the time, that it was too much money, blah, blah, blah. But with after looking at Allan's adorable, loving face and watching the kids jumping up and down with excitement, how could I refuse? Now, I am just tickled and can't wait to use it. I have to take some classes and of course, purchase some thread and fabric before it can be enjoyed, but that will be coming soon! For now, here is a picture of THE Bernina. Emma requested that my first project for her be a butterfly. Hmm......I may have to get a little more creative than I thought!


Mom said...

Yep, you are definitely spoiled rotten, to the core. So, now you get to make new curtains for each house you move to. And you are right, it will last until you sew for your grandchildren, as I LOVE to do for mine! My Bernina will be 30 yrs old in Nov.'08, it was a gift for my 12th wedding anniversary. I love it as much now as I did then & it runs as well now as it did then. BUT, am I going to want a newer model after I see yours??

Tanna said...

I doubt it. Will has already pointed out the differences between our models, so as you can see, yours is still a great machine! :)