Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Curtains make a difference!

We finally found curtains that we liked for our family room and kitchen! Did I say "we"? Actually, I, Tanna, found them, Allan fussed about the cost, I justified and pleaded and then Allan gave in and hung them for me. :) Nonetheless, they are up and we both LOVE them. It makes such a difference in the rooms. They add such color and warmth. Not that our winter was cold and drafty, but I am guessing that this upcoming winter will be a lot more cozy with the curtains up.

Here is the kitchen....

Allan hanging some of the curtains......This is the family room. Unfortunately, because of all the back light, the shot isn't the best. The curtains are red with tan stripes. They just "pop"!
And here is my 9th wedding anniversary gift that I bought for myself - a mirror to match our console! I don't normally go out and buy my own anniversary gift. In fact, I generally insist that Allan follow the gift guidelines based on which anniversary it is. However, we have both been wanting a mirror for the entryway and I came across a smoking good deal (at Pottery Barn, of course!). So, this year Allan is off the hook.

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Mom Z said...

What a NICE anniversary gift!! Looks perfect. Hope you had a great day, and many, many more.