Monday, October 11, 2010

Welcome, Shana!

On August 18th, we were fortunate enough to welcome another member to our family. Shana comes to us from Belgium and will be staying here until June of 2011.

Her flight was delayed several times, so we had plenty of time to take pictures and hang out at the Greensboro airport.

Finally, her flight came in! Emma was the first to see her. There were lots of hugs and yes, I even had a few tears. It was very exciting, but also brought back lots of memories from past exchange students.

We drove home, talking the whole way. The kids were a little shy, but I really don't think it will take long before they are treating her like a real sister. God help her then!

It's a very exciting time for us and we can't wait to share our home and our country with Shana!


Anonymous said...

How exciting!! There is even a bit of resemblance between Shana and Tanna! Enjoy!
-Jill (friend from Tiffin, OH)

Sonya said...

Can't wait to meet her :)