Monday, October 4, 2010

Ohio Summer Day 6

On day six of our Ohio tour, we continued our stay with Aunt Debbie and took a spin around the neighborhood on a friend's golf cart. More time at the beach and more treasures found to take home.

In the afternoon, we headed north to Highland, Michigan. It really disturbed Will to know that we were willingly entering Michigan, but seeing our friends, the Tyrrells, made it worth it! Not being a fan of Michigan myself, I found that I dislike it even more after sharing the roads with their terrible drivers and traffic jams.

The drive was worth it though because waiting for us were the Tyrrells! Jen and I sat outside and enjoyed a great bottle of wine while the kids disappeared and played together. Believe it or not, we didn't even notice that we were in the company of six kids! They had an awesome time together and Jen and I had a great time catching up.
The fearless boys
The sweet girls
The whole crew took a ride in the back of Scott's truck. My city kids loved it!

Will and Debbie walking the beach
Out for a spin in the golfcart
Eating breakfast in the living room!!! Can you believe it?!

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