Saturday, January 3, 2009

November 2008

With November, came a few new milestones. Emma decided to grow her hair longer so she could do more with it as a flower girl in Danielle's wedding. During a trim, Muff (our beautician) french braided it!  This was a first as we have always kept Emma's hair in a short bob. 
One morning,Will decided it was time for him to make his own breakfast so that I wouldn't be so busy in the mornings (ha!). He made a hard fried egg and toast. And he did pretty darn good!  I'm still not sure I want him using the stove unsupervised, but it was nice having him help out. 
Will turned 8 during November. We actually spent his birthday driving to Ohio for Thanksgiving and Danielle's wedding. While it may not have been an exciting birthday,Will sure made the most of it and had a great day anyway! He even had his favorite meal of macaroni and cheese at Noodles in Columbus. He spent his birthday night with Nana and Jack while Mom, Dad and Emma went to rehearse for Danielle's wedding.
On the day of the wedding, Emma met up with the "big girls" and got her hair fixed at a salon in Tiffin.  Later she was quoted as saying it was the best part of being a flower girl. She had a great time all day long and was a real trooper.  She never got tired of dancing (could be from all the chocolate she ate at the reception), she smiled (for the most part) and never hesitated in leaving Mom and Dad to join in the wedding party fun. 
Danielle and Tim's wedding was just beautiful - it just ended way too soon.  
As is current tradition, we spent Thanksgiving with our Ohio families. It was wonderful seeing everyone and spending time (a little, anyway) catching up. No matter how long our trips up North are, we never seem to have enough time to see everyone.  We did have a fortunate unexpected visit with Terry, Carla and Eric. We met up at Chico's and enjoyed pizza and beers for lunch, then just hung out talking the afternoon away! Later that evening, we joined my mom, MJ and Grandpa Allan, and Sharon and Steve for our annual "Tasting Party".  What a hooch, I mean hoot!  We tasted lots of interesting spirits and even played a game.  I can't remember the name of it, but we had to read these phrases that weren't real words, but when said the correct way, sounded like real words.  It was funny to say the least.  

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Emma was a fun dancing partner!