Thursday, January 15, 2009

Today, I'm Not a Dishrag!

Tuesday, Jack's teacher, Ms. Liz told me that Jack has a new nickname at school.  Ms. Donna, an assistant who helps children out of the cars, dubbed Jack as "dishrag".  This was given to him because he still cries, fusses, kicks and pouts when he has to go into school.  Ms. Donna has to literally grab him out of the car and carry him into school.  When he isn't kicking, he goes limp like a dishrag to avoid being taken into the very loving and fun atmosphere that we call preschool. 
I told Jack what he was being called and explained once again that he could go into school with a smile on his face.  Today was pajama day and he was very excited about going.  When we got to school, he put on a smile and told Ms. Donna as she was getting him out of the car "today, I am not a dishrag!".  That put a smile on EVERYONE's faces! 

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