Saturday, January 17, 2009

Emma has holes.....

Before piercing
After piercing

In her ears!  Holy smokes, we were in the mall right after Christmas and saw the Claire's store. There was a little girl getting her ears pierced and I asked Emma if she wanted to get hers done. Emma emphatically said, "no!".  I walked up to the other little girl and asked if it hurt. She told me that it didn't and Emma started to cave. The big obstacle in getting her ears pierced was the pain involved. After hearing that it wouldn't hurt so bad and that both ears could be done at the same time, Emma decided that she would have them pierced!  I didn't question it for fear that she would change her mind. We quickly (within what seemed like 2 minutes) had her ears pierced with what seems like the most expensive earrings available.  Not a peep came out of Emma.  Her eyes about popped out of her head during the piercing, but that was it! 
She picked out two sets of free earrings due to the current promotion. One set was a dangly pair of pink and white diamond-ish heart earrings.  She is DYING to wear these.  Her six weeks of wearing the studs is up just in time for Valentine's Day.  Perfect for wearing the new HEART, dangly earrings!!!  Can you hear her squeal?!  
She looks absolutely adorable in her new pink flower earrings! Check her out!


Jacki said...

How exciting, Emma! They look beautiful!

Allan said...

What a brave little girl. Not that I would have a basis opinion of my little sweet thing.

Steve and Sharon said...

The new earrings look fantastic! Your aunt Sharon is very proud of you for being so brave! We can't wait to see your new dangly earrings on Valentines Day!
Love, Aunt Sharon & Uncle Steve

Sonya said...

Yay Emma! The earrings look great! I remember getting my ears pierced when I was 6 as well.