Saturday, January 17, 2009

Good Luck PD

We were very fortunate to have Dennis and Paul stop by for a quick overnight on their way to move Paul into his new home in Charleston.  I am terrible with details, but the long and short of it is that Paul will be living in Charleston during at least six months of his training in the Navy. Nuclear submarines, smart guy, Navy, training.  Those are the facts that I can post with confidence. 
Another fact that I can post with confidence is that Paul has a way with women.  Young, old, middle-aged, they all love him!  Emma is no exception.  The little girl who is afraid to speak to all men other than her daddy was literally climbing on poor Paul!  I even have a photo to prove it! OK, maybe I am being a little dramatic.  The boys loved him too.  But to see little Emma hanging on a man, other than Daddy, was beyond shocking (in a good way, since it was Paul).  
Seriously though, we wish Paul all of the best in his new life adventure. And we are happy that it is taking place so close to our home.  

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Jacki said...

Hey, isn't that my crown from Christmas?? You look good in pink, PD!