Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thoughtful Emma

It is tradition that I buy Allan an SI swimsuit calendar each year after Christmas.  I don't particularly care for looking at these hanging in our garage, but if that makes him feel like the garage is him domain and manly, then so be it.  I will give him that joy. 
Keeping with tradition, I bought one for him again this year. He quickly put it up along with a poster of someone in a little bikini.  I guess after seeing them hang around day after day, year after year, I become blind to them and don't even notice them after awhile.  Emma, however, notices everything. She was in the garage with Allan and the boys one night while they worked on Will's derby car.  After looking at the calendar and posters for awhile, she asked Allan just why he liked these pictures of girls in bikinis so much.  He told her that he thought they were cute.  She thought for a moment and then asked him if he would like a picture of her in a bikini to hang up as well. Quickly thinking, he replied "no thank you".  Amazingly, she left it end with that.  
Don't you just love kids' thought processes?! Don't you just love kids?!  They are the best - especially ours! 

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