Monday, February 4, 2008

Q is for Quarterback and Qtie Pie

Today at preschool, it is "Q" day. The kids were asked to dress up like their favorite quarterback. Since we no longer have convenient access to our favorite teams, the kids have little or no football gear. I did however, remember that my mom found one of Allan's high school jerseys while cleaning out recently.

Emma thought it would be pretty cool to dress up in her daddy's old uniform, so we put that on her this morning. I realize that I am partial to the cuteness of my own kids, but I simply could not stand it! She was cuteness beyond words and I just had to share it with everyone!

The last picture is of Jack and I that Emma took. I had to post it to show just how much hair I had whacked off two weeks ago. Compare that with the family Christmas picture a couple of blogs ago. I am sure I lost two pounds after that haircut!

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Anonymous said...

Emma, you do look adorable!! I bet you look better in that jersey than your daddy looked!