Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our Will

It certainly isn't news that our kids amaze us. Not a day goes by that one of them doesn't do something that makes us say "wow!", or "can you believe they said that?!". I certainly can't share everything (even though I would LOVE to). But, from time to time, I just have to get it all out.

Sunday night, after the extreme excitement of welcoming Chris home, I was talking to Will in bed. We reviewed our experience of happiness, excitement and pride that went along with Chris coming home. I then asked Will if he thought he would be a soldier when he grew up. He was very thoughtful and then said, "probably not. I think I would prefer to be one of those guys on the boats. That would be much safer. I am going to take the safe route." I figured out that he meant he would like to be in the Navy. That is good enough for me. Please, DW and PD, don't give him too much information!
Last night, Will attended "Faith Formation". This is our church's form of religious instruction for children. His assignment was to "love and serve" someone in his family for a day. We as parents were asked to write down who he chose, how he intended to love and serve them, and then follow up with what he did to love and serve this person. On the way home, I questioned him as to who he was going to choose and what he intended to do. He said that he would choose Mommy and that he would give me a "makeover" as a way of loving and serving me. I won't get into the rest of the conversation, but will say this: my children think I am already pretty, but have the ability and desire to make me even MORE pretty. God love 'em.
Tonight, Will quizzed us at the dinner table with presidential facts. Do YOU know what bird Teddy Roosevelt wanted to have as the national bird?! If not, ask Will.

Children are complex and unique individuals. They bring more insight, love and joy to my life than I can even describe. It is something that no one can even venture to understand until they themselves are a parent. I feel extremely blessed that God has allowed me to have this experience.

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Dennis said...

Sounds like Will wants to be a bubble-head!