Monday, February 11, 2008

A Train Table - Finally!

Waaaaay back when we were in Crown Point, IN, Allan finished a train table for Will. Me being the nut that I am, I refused to let Allan paint the table because:

  1. He isn't a good painter
  2. I had not yet found the right color
  3. I was pregnant and didn't want to mess around with another project

I'm sure there were more reasons, but these are the ones that come to mind, now, two plus years later!

So, now that Jack is full force into Thomas and all of his train buddies, we decided that it was time to get that table painted and in use. Before we know it, Jack is going to be in college and no longer interested in using the table for trains. I won't even mention what I anticipate him using it for.

The table has been a huge hit with everyone. At first, it was used for everything but trains (use your imagination - they did!). However, with a little instruction it is now a huge hit and Thomas no longer tips over due to being on soft carpet.

For now, it is in the boys' room and makes things a little tight, but it makes playtime very fun. The plan is to move it to the basement once that is finished and ready for toys. I won't even venture to guess when that will be!

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