Thursday, February 28, 2008

Will's Doctor Visit

For quite some time now, Will has been having some breathing issues. He snores a lot at night, it is difficult to understand him while he is reading out loud because he breathes through his mouth while doing so and he has had a lot of congestion off and on since school started last fall. At first, I thought it was a cold, but even that is odd for Will because he just NEVER gets sick. As these problems have lingered on for months now, I finally decided to take him to a doctor. We also switched doctors as of this visit.
To start the visit, the nurse was asking me if Will was allergic to anything. I told her "no" and Will interrupted by saying "yes". Of course, I looked at him like he was crazy, but he went on to explain that he is "allergic to salt, errr, I mean pepper, just like everyone else". I could not, for the life of me, understand what he was getting at. Then he started explaining how everyone sneezes when they smell pepper. Thus, everyone is allergic to it! That nurse about fell out! She was still laughing about it when she left after all of her questions.
Then came the doctor. First, I was told that he has incredibly large tonsils and adenoids. This is not news, but since he is now 7 years old, we are past the window which allows a child to "grow into" his tonsils. Given this, we were referred to an ENT and Will will more than likely have both tonsils and adenoids removed in the near future. I can't wait to squeeze this event into our busy calendar!
Next, the doctor suggested that he more than likely has allergies that are related to our current environment/region. She believes he has allergies because of the purple half-circles under his eyes, the pale color of the inside of his nose and the allergy-related nodules that are in the back of his throat. To find out more, she did some blood tests on Will. He had to have 3 large vials filled.
The boy was cracking me up during this procedure. The nurse wanted him to lie down so she could draw the blood. All he wanted was to see the vials, the needle, and the rest of her equipment. He wanted a full explanation of what everything was and what it was used for. He even asked if the vials had to be completely filled! I think she thought he was nervous, rather than inquisitive, so I had to step in and briefly explain Will's nature and his future ambitions of being a researcher. That being said, SHE calmed down a little and was able to fill all 3 vials.
To get a hold on these allergies, we left with instructions to buy Zyrtec, a probiotic, Lil' Critter vitamins and cod liver oil. How's that for a combination? I'll keep you posted on his progress.
THEN, to top off Will's already fabulous day, I demanded that he get a haircut in preparation of the upcoming annual Bunny Pictures. He really was not happy with me. Even though, I did not let her cut "the wall". But that is a whole other blog topic.

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nana said...

Will, let me know when you are going to have your tonsils taken out & I will be happy to come & be "your private nurse".