Thursday, January 31, 2008

WE GOT A Wii!!!

Sometimes in life you just have to give in. I don't do it often. In fact, I HATE giving in. However, this one time, I felt that with the happiness of four people on the line, I best suck it up and give in. I will add that it did take some time for me to actually do it. :)

After lots of justifying and coaxing, I agreed that we would give the kids a Wii for Christmas this year. In anticipation of the Christmas madness, we purchased ours in August. I have to say that it took great control on Allan's part to not open it and at least "try it out". He did refrain and we wrapped it early and placed it neatly under the tree for Christmas morning. On Christmas Eve, we let the kids open one gift from relatives far away. While the kids were playing with their new toys, Allan and I were enjoying some munchies in the kitchen. All of the sudden, we heard a shriek come from the family room. It was a sound we've never heard before and one that told us we had better investigate - fast! Emma and Will were so excited they could barely verbalize what had happened. It soon became clear to us what did just happen. Jack thought it was time to open ALL of the presents under the tree and it just so happened that the next gift that he chose was the Wii. The damage being done, we let him finish his job of opening and we spent the rest of the night setting everything up for the next morning.

The above pictures were taken shortly after it had sunk in that we actually had given them a Wii for Christmas. They were clearly stunned, excited, I said, sometimes giving in is just the right thing to do.

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Anonymous said...

You cretainly DID get a Wii! I know that for a fact & also that I am NO GOOD as a boxer!