Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Thank goodness for Imodium!

I was warned and now I believe it. When kids go to school, they bring home lots of stuff - papers, homework, artwork, new language, attitudes and GERMS! Thanks to Will's friends, he brought home a "stomach bug". This little bug caused quite a stir in our household the past two weeks. It made it's way through all five of us and had no mercy. Without going into details, I just want everyone to know that every piece of bedding (family room blankets included) in our house has been laundered. Some of the carpets have been cleaned and all bathrooms have been sanitized. What a freakin' nightmare!

So, now that we are past all of that (God, please!), we are focusing on Easter and our trip north to the land of snow and crappy weather. I said I wouldn't travel north if there was snow in the forecast. I have vivid memories of rain every Easter celebrated in Ohio, but I can't recall any snow. Well, the forecast has been made on weather.com and sure enough, there WILL be a chance of snow. Is this God's way of playing a joke on me? If so, I don't appreciate his humor. Nonetheless, we love and miss our family, so the trek will be made, parkas and all.

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