Friday, April 20, 2007

A little Picasso?

Before leaving, Nana left little gifts for the kids on their beds. Emma received Strawberry Shortcake barrettes and Barbie notepads, Jack received a shape book and Will received a Star Wars notebook and markers. They found these things while getting ready for bed. Will broke out his markers and paper immediately to write a thank you note to Nana. We were running behind in getting to bed, so I was hustling everyone around and giving them baths, not really paying attention to more than one child at a time (Allan was in Orlando dining on lobster and Filet Mignon at the time). When I got into the boys' room to get something, I found Jack standing at Will's bed with markers in hand. He had done a lovely mural all over Will's new quilt. For those of you familiar with the Olivia books, it looked like the painting that she made on her wall after visiting the museum. The good thing - it was done in matching colors. The bad thing - it was done with permanent markers. Maybe I'll be able to stomach posting a picture at a later date. Not now.

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