Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Long time, No blog!

Wow! Things have been out of control here. After my last entry on April 3, it seems that all

----broke loose. We had a flu/rotovirus hit our home and it lasted for a good two weeks. Let me tell you, five people getting sick (top and bottom) makes for a LOT of dirty laundry! Those two weeks are a blur of nastiness, so I won't even go there. Thankfully, we all were well just in time for school parties and to head north for Easter.

Emma poses with her friends and E. Bunny at her school's Easter bonnet parade. Emma designed her bonnet just for the occasion!

I said we wouldn't go if there was snow in the forecast, but I thought of all those crazy family members that I have been missing and haven't seen since Thanksgiving and well....I caved. Actually, I only agreed to go because I thought Jeff was going to be in Colorado during our visit, but darn the luck, he decided to come back early to be home for Easter. Rumor has it that he wanted to make it back just so he could see me! Imagine!

The drive there was short (less than 8 hours) and uneventful (believe it or not). We stopped in to see Grandma quick before heading to Nana's house for some awesome mac and cheese. While there, we were also able to spend some time (not enough though!) with the Kimmets and Mary Jo. Thanks to some very generous and naughty people our children were buzzing around on a sugar high that lasted until almost 11:00 pm! Remember, these are children who rarely get candy so the effect was increased.
Emma and Aunt Sharon

We spent Saturday helping Grandma get things ready for the big event on Sunday. We were also fortunate enough to be able to spend some time with Grandma Grace at her new home. She now lives at an assisted living facility and they hosted an Easter egg hunt. It was wonderful seeing Grandma Grace and the kids enjoyed guess what? MORE CANDY! We also spent a great evening with Randy, Christin and Torri. The kids tore through the house while we adults played cards and enjoyed a few cocktails. :)

Easter morning greeted us with this sight.....

No more needs to be said. While Will and Emma were sleeping in on Grandma's sofa, Jack helped himself to all the candy that he could manage to put into his mouth. Every time we turned around we were yanking wrappers out of his hand and telling him "no more!". Evidently he hasn't learned that phrase yet! Finally the big kids woke up and discovered that E. Bunny had found them during the night and left them some awesome goodies.
We had an awesome day with Allan's family. Will rode Matthew's four wheeler, witnessed Matthew and Keith kill a skunk, picked on "Jenkins" and received an awesome Russian watch from Uncle Dennis. Emma got to hold and snuggle with Baby Wyatt and Jack got to eat more candy. With so many people running around, there was NO WAY Mom and Dad could keep track of Jack or what he was eating (or being fed).
Despite the crappy weather, we had an incredible time visiting our Ohio family. That being said, we were happy to head south for warmer weather, a house with hidden chocolate and a week of Spring Break with Nana. I'll write all about our week with Nana another day.

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