Monday, April 23, 2007

Another fun weekend with John and Jacki

This past weekend, John and Jacki came to visit us for the first time. As always, we had a great time with them and the kids were asking when they were coming back, just 15 minutes after they had left.
They arrived Friday night after the kids were in bed. We tried to keep them up, but they were acting like lunatics (from the excitement and anticipation) and we had to be the big bad parents and say "Enough! To bed!". We started up a euchre game once they got here and stayed up past everyone's bedtime.
Saturday morning came early with Jack acting as the rooster. While John and Jacki may not believe this, he actually slept in that day! We hung out playing, riding the zip line and hiking to the "shack" until it was time for Will's first baseball game.
He had pictures taken and then the game began. It wasn't as eventful as the practices had been, but it was still a riot watching him. His lack of energy and enthusiasm may have had something to do with the scorching heat and lack of water for the poor boy! In the end, he said that he had a GREAT time and that is all that matters.
On the way home, we stopped to rehydrate ourselves at Sonic. Emma had been complaining of a stomach ache, and by the time we stopped, she ended up vomiting in the restroom. We thought it may be from being in the hot sun for so long and lack of water, but unfortunately, it continued throughout the night with at least hourly bucket runs and into the next day. This put a bit of a damper on our evening as we had planned a bonfire and s'mores with the kids. Since we couldn't disappoint Will, we had a shortened version of our plans. Will was in heaven because he was the only kid allowed to stay up past bedtime and he had all of our attention.We started up another euchre game with the intentions of kicking some boy butt, but the game has been postponed due to a visitor. Our neighbor, who is a US Marshall, came to smoke a cigar with the guys and tell some of his work stories. It was interesting to say the least. But beware, Jonner! The game is not over yet! A rematch will be played during our next get-together.

Emma was still getting sick as of Sunday morning, so John and Jacki took off after an awesome breakfast made by Allan. It was a fun weekend with the fam and we look forward to doing it again before John takes off for his war duty.


Anonymous said...

How was the s'mores, Will? The marshmallows look yummy, can we party in the woos during my next visit? Nana

John said...

It is always a great time coming to visit the WEJ. Tanna, I am very sorry but we have not covered "how to lose: gracefully or otherwise" in any of my pre-deployment training. As Allan can attest, if I am not trained, it is unauthorized. So sorry. In other related news, Will was hilarious in his game. He went from Barry Bonds type slugger to 90 year old man in 4 innings. To quote the great Willster, "Dad, I really think it would be a good idea for you to get a great big jug, and some ice, and some cups, and then maybe next time I won't be so tired because of the sun".

Tanna said...

John, "how to lose" should have been covered in your pre-NUPTIAL training. It is essential. Just ask Allan. :)