Thursday, April 19, 2007

Nana time

The week of spring break (4/9-4/15), we were lucky enough to have Nana come and stay with us. We had big plans for showing Nana the sights of NC! Unfortunately, the weather didn't cooperate as well as forcasted, and we all caught colds from being in the nasty cold Ohio weather. Nevertheless, we had a BALL!

On Tuesday, we traveled to Lexington to the home of Childress Vineyards to stock up on some of our local yummy wine. When our tummies started talking, we headed for Lexington BBQ. Lexington is a little town that hosts an annual BBQ festival that draws thousands of people. They are famous for their NC BBQ. We feasted on finely chopped BBQ with hushpuppies and red slaw. We went in with intentions of trying the famous $6 banana split (that should tell you how big it is), but we just didn't have room after all that delicious BBQ! From there we headed to Old Salem. This is the "old" part of Winston Salem and they have all sorts of buildings to educate us modern folks on how things were done in the 1800's. We educated ourselves on bread baking and bought a fabulous loaf of cherry walnut bread. YUM!

Wednesday was a terribly rainy day, so we headed for the Charlotte outlets. The highlight there was Emma making a Hello Kitty at Build A Bear Workshop. She had to pick the shell, pick a sound (meow, of course), pick the name, warm the heart and do a few moves before putting it inside Kitty, bathe her and then dress her. She was in heaven! Actually, it was hard to tell who was having more fun, Emma or Nana!
The rest of our week was filled with running errands, going to Will's baseball practices, putt putting, planting flowers, sewing (Nana made two dresses for Emma and curtains for the boys' room - THANK YOU!) and visiting the "slave house".

The slave house was quite an expedition.....there is a shak on property in our neighborhood that hasn't been developed yet. All of the neighborhood kids call it the slave shak, but it was actually inhabited by an old black man. We are still researching the whole story. This shak is in the middle of the woods and has all of its windows broken out. One window was covered by a feed sack and another by a man's old wool coat. The floor is covered with debris, including old quilts, old papers (one was dated 1943), beer cans and other pieces of wood. Will is fascinated by this place and HAD to take Nana to see it. On her last day, there was a break in the rain and the sun had popped out. We decided to put on our rain boots and crocs and take a hike to the slave house. By the time we got there black clouds had once again rolled in and it was sprinkling. While exploring the house, Will stepped on a rusty nail in his crocs, Nana tried drinking from a beer can and Emma whined that she wanted to get home. All of the sudden, the bottom dropped out and it poured down rain! There was no escaping now! We had to wait in this one room house until the rain slowed down. It never did. We got tired of waiting, made our way out of the woods and then hiked home in the rain. What an experience. This is what we looked like when we got home......

And some pictures from the shak......
Here we are having fun putt putting.
And here are the new curtains! Thank you Nana for such a great week!

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