Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We Have a Tree House!

After a ton of stressing, research, discussing and deliberating, we brought Sharon (Uncle Dennis' awesome girlfriend) into the process. There is a lot to this story, but I am sure no one wants to read about all of my doubts, questions and deliberations. So, to make a long story semi-short, I discussed everything with Sharon. Not only did she come up with a great idea and location to place the tree house, but she also pitched the idea to Allan and CONVINCED him to build it on Saturday. I will be forever grateful to Sharon for this, and so will our children.
We started on Saturday after breakfast. The guys, Allan, Dennis and John were heading out to the local Lowe's to purchase the supplies. We sent Will along to keep them on track and Sharon gave Dennis a firm speech about sticking to the task before they left. For those readers who have men in their lives, you know why we had to resort to those measures.
The day was perfect, with 70 degree weather, and the project went smoothly with only a few doubts. It is amazing what a group of hard workers and good ideas can get you!
We worked until almost dark and ended up with a fort in the trees, two sides of spindles and a slide. Since Sharon and I couldn't bear not letting the kids play on the fort until the rest of the spindles were done, who knows when, we finished them the next day, on Easter. And while the Knot Master (aka Dennis) was in our midst, we added a swing and rope for climbing/swinging.
I knew the whole thing was worth it when the kids had to be pried off to come inside to eat and the words "thank you" kept coming out of their mouths. It was truly priceless hearing little Jack say thank you over and over. They have played in the tree house everyday since it was built.
I can't begin to express enough thanks to everyone who worked on the tree house and especially to Sharon who initiated the whole project. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!
Once again, we had an awesome time completing a project with family. It almost isn't work when you have as much fun as we did! I think our muscles told us otherwise though. :)


Nana said...

All I can say is AWSOME!!! I see I am not the only one who loves twigs!

Jacki said...

who's the weirdo with a glass of wine in a treehouse?! :)

we had a great weekend with you guys! we need to do it again soon!

Tanna said...

Funny you mention the wine glass because I just noticed it last night when I was posting! You are a weirdo!
We DO need to do it again soon, but with more card playing and cocktail time!