Thursday, April 3, 2008


It finally happened! Will LOST his first tooth. He has had three teeth pulled prior to this, but he finally was able to lose one on his own. Hurray! It happened on Tuesday night after dinner. Dad was tired of this lose tooth "hanging around", so he suggested that Will tie fishing line around it and then pull.
I should also point out that Will's two top front teeth have no roots. They have been gone since his last dentist visit in February, according to the x-ray.

So, Will went along with the fishing line idea, but insisted that HE be the one to pull the tooth out. After gently pulling a few times, he decided that he was done with this idea and he would wait a little longer to remove the tooth. Dad said that he would take the fishing line off and, can you believe it? the tooth came off right with the fishing line! :) What a sneaky dad! It happened so fast, that Will didn't even know what had happened. We picked the tooth up off the kitchen floor and ran to the mirror to see our new Will. What a look! To make things worse, the other front tooth is still hanging on crooked and he REALLY looks goofy.

That night, Will put his tooth in a glass for the fairy. Can you believe the fairy was so busy that night that she didn't get to Will? (my nomination for Mother-of-the-Year was revoked because of this) Will patiently waited and thank goodness, she got to him last night. She left him two gold coins and her dress turned the water orange this time!


Nana said...

Oh,Will,you look so-o,so grown up! And so brave!

Sonya said...

Wow...Will we just saw you with the tooth and now it's gone! That Toothfairy is just so cool, coins and orange water!