Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tonsil Update

We had an appointment with an ENT yesterday regarding Will's tonsils. Long and short of it is that he is going to have the tonsils taken out. The doctor will look at the adenoids during surgery and determine from there if they also need to be removed. His guess is that they will have to be removed as well. No big surprise there.
So far, the surgery is scheduled for June 25th. We have really been playing this surgery up, just in case, so Will is now fully prepared and almost looking forward it. His main thought is: ICE CREAM and Popsicles. He even wrote a letter to his friend yesterday telling him that he had to have his tonsils removed and.....p.s. I get to eat lots of ice cream.

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nana said...

You can handle it, Will, just think of all the neat things you will see at the hospital. The nurses LOVE it when you ask a lot of questions!