Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ohio Summer, Day 4

After returning to New Riegel, I got the call that Will was back from the man trip and ready to come to Nana's. I drove to Uncle Jeff's to pick him up and found three guys vegging on couches in a dark living room, watching a movie. Evidently, the heat had taken a toll on our guys and they were running on E. Not only that, but it looked as though Will hadn't showered or brushed his teeth in a week (I am sure this wasn't too far from the truth)!
We went straight to Nana's and got him all cleaned up, only to get smelly again by building a fire. Poor Will wanted nothing more than to build a bonfire and roast marshmallows. Unfortunately, Nana's wood was a bit wet and all he made was a lot of smoke. I did let them enjoy some of the giant marshmallows I found while grocery shopping. Any guesses on who could fit the whole giant marshmallow in their mouth at once?!
We had a great night with Uncle Steve and Aunt Sharon and almost all of their kids. It was fun seeing everyone together. And I even dined on New Riegel's famous BBQ chicken (sauce on my fries, too). If you're thinking I was eating my way around Ohio, you're about right! Thank goodness I still had my braces on or I would have weighed an extra 10 pounds by the time I headed back to NC!
Big marshmallow, little mouth
Makin' smoke!

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