Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ohio Summer, Day 2

Emma and her mini cupcake
Danielle with her Emma-made name tag
Emma and Aunt Sharon
At the Horseshoe
Can't I please go in?!

Jack enjoys tea with the girls
Emma and Nana

On day two, we spend a leisurely morning at Nana's and then picked up Mary Jo for our "girl day" in Columbus. We drove to Upper Arlington to meet Aunt Sharon, Danielle, Alicia and Brittany for tea in honor of Nana's birthday, which was last month.
In honor of the event, Emma had spent all morning making name tags for everyone. They were cats or bunnies, drawn on construction paper, then cut out with each person's name on the back. She even made a special crown for Nana out of some pretty paper that Aunt Theresa had given her from the scrapbook shop. She was SO proud of the name tags!
At the tea house, we had High Tea which provided each of us with a pot of tea and various finger foods and scones. Everything was delicious and I think we all agreed that Alicia's tea choice (Paris) was the tastiest.
After tea, we took Emma and Jack to the horseshoe so they could see where the Buckeyes play. Jack was enthralled. He was so disappointed to find that the gate was locked and he couldn't actually go onto the field or even into the stands to see the whole thing. He did get excited when he got down low and saw the block O on the field. Emma was so excited, she about peed her pants! Actually, the tea started working on her and she decided she had to go right at the time that we were at the stadium doors. Seriously?! Her only option was to squeeze between the bushes and go right beside the stadium. Only Emma.
From there, we tried to find a Buckeye ball cap for me, but were unsuccessful. All of them were huge and looked like old farmer hats. Store clerks looked at me like I was from Mars when I asked for a "girl fit" ball cap. Really? Leave it to me to have an outrageous request like that! My quest for a perfect fitting OSU cap continues.
We stopped by the Oh So Awesome sewing shop, Sew To Speak. I follow their blog and look at their fabric and projects while drooling, so it was fun to actually be in their store. I am sure it comes as no surprise that I walked out with a huge bag of fabric and lots of ideas. Too bad they don't sell time too!
We kept venturing up High Street, until we hit a fun wine store that had wine on tap! Using a credit card, you could choose which wine you wanted to try and how much you wanted. What a great idea. It worked, because three of us tried a wine and bought it. Mmmmm.......
Next, we headed to Dublin to try the famous Jeni's Ice Cream. It lived up to it's reputation. The dark chocolate was to die for! I could have eaten my weight in it. And now that I have my braces off, I would love to go back and try some flavors with crunch! Wow, it was yummy ice cream.
Since it was getting late and I was tired, we headed back to NR instead of Danielle's. You might know though, but the time we are almost to NR, my tummy started talking. We decided to hit the Moose for some wing dings, which I haven't had since I was a cheerleader in High School! They were just as yummy as I remembered. The Moose hadn't changed. Well, people were a bit older and heavier, but that is about all. The kids thought it was cool to hang out where I used to when I was young.

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