Friday, October 2, 2009

The Last Hurrah Before School

Days before school started, in August, we decided to spend our time visiting some new museums as well as a few favorites. We explored a new place that allowed the kids to make whatever they wanted, using different mediums such as clay, finger paint, yarn, markers, blocks and wallpaper. It was very cool and a perfect activity for a rainy day. On a nice day, we went to the zoo. We have an awesome zoo that has something new almost every time we visit. This time, they had a platform that we could be on to feed giraffes. Unfortunately, they weren't hungry when we were there, but it was still neat. Seeing the animals and visiting the zoo is something that never gets old. We have fun each and every time! The zoo also offers a great backdrop for taking pictures. Here are just a few.......zoom in and notice the screen on Will's camera and see what he was taking a picture of. Pretty cool!

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