Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Other Part of Labor Day

Goofy Grandpa!
Will enjoyed every heavenly bit of his chocolate ice cream
Trying to get the hang of eating an ice cream cone
DQ fun!
Grandma Grace and I with the "wine"

The cousins
Emma and Evan - she just couldn't get enough of him!

I haven't even said everything there is to be said about Labor Day weekend! On Saturday night, Nana decided to have a sleepover with all of her grandchildren. This was not only spectacular because our children rarely get to spend time with their cousins, but there were NINE children there ALONE with NANA! Good God, what were we thinking?! Better yet, what was SHE thinking?
So, things weren't as bad as one would imagine. Jack was the youngest there, at four years old. Nana started the night with a bonfire and roasting hot dogs. Big hit with the kids. I left before the bonfire even started, so I don't really know what all went on. I do know that they all camped out in the living room together and were definitely not ready for me to arrive the next morning when I did. Given the cold reception that I got, I headed across the yard to visit with Mary Jo. It was so nice to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee while chatting. A rare treat for me.
I then got the kids ready and we went to visit Grandma Grace. She was so happy to see us and just chatted away. I am not sure if the kids had more fun exploring her room or playing with her walker. Nonetheless, it was a great visit. Grandma even mentioned that she would like some wine. Teasing, I asked Will and Emma to go find her some wine. When they didn't come back, I sent Nana looking for them. Then, Nana didn't come back! Finally, they all three came back with a glass of what appeared to be wine. The kids had found some nurses and sent them on a wild search through the nursing home for "Grace's bottle of wine", only to discover that there was no bottle of wine that belonged to Grace! Nana set them straight and we all had a big laugh over this one. Grandma said that the "wine" was good, but would really enjoy a bottle of wine and some cheese the next time we visit. Who would have guessed?! I love that we were able to find something that would bring her joy! I think we also need to replace a few stuffed animals......
We left the nursing home and stopped at the Dairy Queen for a special treat. I really think my kids thought they were in heaven.
We ended the day by spending more time at Uncle Jeff's and then stopping at Nana's for a drink with MJ and Grandpa Allan, Uncle Steve, Danielle, Alicia, Brittany and Sonya.
It was a quick trip to Buckeyeland, but we sure had a great time.

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