Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Basement PROGRESS!

With the recent rain activity, and lack of sporting events, Allan and I were able to get back down to the basement. In a matter of days, Allan hung 8 out of the 9 doors and put up baseboards in the "bedroom". What remains? Not much, in comparison to the whole project, but given our schedule for the next four weekends, it will probably be another couple of months before it is D-O-N-E! The good news is that what remains are mostly things that can be done in short bits of time. In other words, Allan can get some things done at night after the kids go to bed.


Sonya said...

Looks GREAT!!!! Can't wait to see the completed project some day.

Nana said...

WOW,all I can say is Wow!! It looks fantstic,guys! I am so excited to see it next week. Looks like it is almost ready for a bed!

Tanna said...

The kids have already been having sleepovers with cots in the basement. Feel free to use one if you'd like, Nana!