Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thoughts of a 4-Year-Old

Yesterday, we were on our way to swim lessons and Emma started thinking out loud. She was wondering how people learn to be mommies. It also intrigued her to think about how adults just "know everything". We talked about those things for awhile and then she started talking about being a mommy herself and that she was going to have a little girl. I asked her how many children she wanted. She decided that 3 was the best number for her. I asked if she wanted all girls or if some of the 3 could be boys. She thought for what seemed like an eternity and then proclaimed that she would let "God decide" what each child would be. Great answer for a 4-year-old, I'd say!

On a side note, Will has decided that he wants 10 children. This has been his number for quite some time. He has also decided that we should have more children in our family. It is hard to disappoint children, but sometimes you just have to!


Nana said...

Emma, Emma, your mind works non-stop. What precious thoughts for a 4 year old!!

John said...

Emma is such a cutie! I always have such a good time with theWEJ, you're both very lucky to have such great kids. Plus, how many 4 year old girls do you know that love riding motorcycles! Missing you guys, sending my best from Iraq.

Tanna said...

We miss you too, Jonner! Can't wait til you're home and we can get together again.