Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jack is 2

Wow! Another year has flown by. And I am told that the years go even faster as the children get older - better put on my flight gear!

As with everything in our household, Jack's birthday came and went in a flash. The guys were back from the "man trip" on Sunday, and knowing that Monday (Jack's actual birthday) would be too chaotic, we gave him his gift Sunday night. Emma was so anxious, that she wouldn't even let me wrap it! It was a set of Thomas the Train pieces to add to Will's little set that he received as a birthday present long ago. It was a huge hit! All he could say was "choo choo"! Those three little birds played with the train for the rest of the night.

On Monday morning, the day of Jack's birthday, we sang "Happy Birthday" every chance we got. He didn't quite understand that it was his birthday and insisted on singing "happy birthday Emmie" all day. We rushed around and got ready for the first day of Vacation Bible School. Will and Emma were excited and couldn't wait to get out the door. After dropping them off at the church, Jack and I headed to the doctor. He had his two-year well check that morning. Jack weighed in at 27 pounds and was 33 inches long. Unlike Will, Jack is sticking to the family genes on daddy's side! What Jack lacks in physical growth, he is making up for with academic growth. Jack can identify all of his ABC's and tell you what sound they make. He knows some of his colors, most of his shapes and counts to 13, skipping 1 and 5. The doctor was pretty impressed, so we left feeling pretty good about being two. :) He does have an eczema problem on his legs, so the doctor prescribed some creme for that.

We picked up Will and Emma from VBS and headed home for a late lunch. Jack took a brief nap and then we were off and running for the Winston-Salem Warthogs baseball game. Will's little league team met up there for a fun family night. We ALL had a ball and it was fun seeing the kids since baseball is over. Unfortunately, our night of fun was cut short when a thunder and lightening storm rolled in. The bottom dropped out just as we were pulling out of the parking lot! Nonetheless, it was a great evening and a great birthday for Jack.

Because of the business of the week, we didn't have a cake until Saturday evening. Mary Jo and Allan were in town visiting, so we had a few extra voices to sing along to yet another "Happy Birthday dear Jack". He LOVED his choo choo cake that I made and couldn't keep his hands off the jelly beans that were loaded in one of the cars.


Jacki said...

That cake is too cool!!

Happy birthday, Jack!

Nana said...

Wow,Jack,how nice to have so many parties! At my age I am lucky to have one! I must say though, that this years rates as one of the best. Your Mom & her surprizes!!! Yourcake was adorable & tasted good,too.