Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fourth of July

Now that it is almost the Fourth of August, I thought I had better take a few moments to post our pictures from the Fourth of July. We were lucky enough to have our friends, Mary Jo and Allan down from Ohio and a last minute visitor, Nana.
Allan, Allan and Will took off in the morning to go fishing at a nearby park that has a pond. Will LOVED the adventure and Daddy enjoyed it so much that he has been trying to squeeze in some family fishing during the weekends, but they just end up being too busy. Nonetheless, it was a great time for the guys even though the fish count cannot be posted due to embarassment.
While the guys were fishing, the women shopped! What better activity for a lazy holiday?! When we all regrouped, we ate like piggies and relaxed around the house (well, as much as you can with three kids running around). At dusk we went to a nearby parking lot on the suggestion from a neighbor to watch the fireworks. What a bust! All we saw were the tops of trees with a little color above them. We couldn't even hear the booms and crackles. From here on out, we go with our gut instinct and sit UNDER the fireworks, even if it means fighting a crowd afterward. We made the best of it though and were clearly the most patriotic folks in the whole parking lot - maybe even town! Here are some shots of the celebration.....
Even the Brits can celebrate - kind of!
The festive family
Emma with Nana
I'm not sure what I was grabbing for!

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Nana said...

It was, indeed, a Festive 4th! Although, after seeing the photo of Jack, I have to wonder just how much he actually enjoyed it. Notice that Miss Emma & I match. It was a GREAT time-Friends, Family & a "bit" of fireworks!