Friday, June 22, 2007

The Ohio Week Continued...

On Tuesday, we were fortunate to be able to spend some time with Grandma Grace. She was so happy to see the kids and commented on how big they were getting. We had a nice time catching up with her.

That evening, we were invited to dinner in honor of my godson's birthday. Eric turned 17! Where has the time gone? Sharon made an incredible dinner and it was followed by gifts for Eric and Jack. Since Jack's birthday is also this month and Uncle Steve is his godfather, he scored big that night with a bubble mower, scented bubbles, a shark that eats fish to play with in the bathtub, and swimming trunks. Aunt Sharon had bought two pair of trunks (side note: why do we say pair, when a pair of swimming trunks is only one?) for Jack. He zeroed in on the ones that had bright colored lizards all over them. I thought that was a good choice as I will be able to spot him easier in those when he is running away or lost in a crowd. Nana also gifted Jack with a toy truck, clothes and a pony-in-the-box.
Another great night spent with family!

Wow! Eric is big enough now that I get to sit on HIS lap!

Sometimes a man just has to mow in the dark.

Big hit gift from Nana - a pony-in-the-box for his JACK-in-the-box collection.

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