Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Catch up!

Wow! What a long time it has been since I have posted anything. Rest assured, this does not mean that we have had nothing going on! Quite the contrary. To catch up, here is a condensed version (as condensed as I can get, anyway!):
The weekend before Memorial Day, we had a "Roaring River Day". Allan invited all of his staff members and their families to join us for dinner and fun. We had a GREAT time! It was so nice to meet everyone that Allan works with as well as their spouses and families. I appreciate being able to put a face with the names that Allan talks about each day. Allan made his famous BBQ chicken and I took care of everything else. The "everything else" turned out to be a little too much. OOPS! There was so much food that we invited two neighborhood families over the next evening to help us out with the leftovers. I am ashamed to say that there was STILL food left. I have to remember that not everyone eats like Allan's family!
I have to add, that in Allan's true style, he allowed everyone to leave with a story. The kids wanted to play on the zip line. Of course, Jack had to have his turn as well. Usually, he will hold on until the end. He decided to see what it would be like to let go before coming to the end this particular night. As always, Allan was running behind him, just in case. Thank goodness! Allan had to dive to catch him and the momentum was enough to make Allan tumble through the woods. It looked like he was diving for a football and Jack was the football! Everyone who was watching from the deck let out a cheer and applause could be heard throughout the county. All was not saved, however. Jack had a minor leg scrape and Allan had half of his thumb ripped off along with a few minor scrapes and muscle strains (he isn't a spring chicken anymore!). We also noticed a foul smell coming from both Allan and Jack. It was discovered that Jack's diarrhea had escaped the diaper and was deposited on both himself and Allan's shirt. EWWWW!!! Clothing change for both!
The evening ended with Allan and another one of the guys being in the bag from too much Brazilian hooch. The rest of us sober members were having fun at Tribal Council on the deck. It was so much fun that we didn't take anymore pictures after the one of Allan cooking his chicken!
The following weekend was Memorial Day weekend and we spent lots of time with the kids goofing off. We went to Carowinds in Charlotte on Saturday, where Will became a "man" by riding all of the adult roller coasters and the rest of the weekend was spent hanging at the pool and planting the rest of our garden in the cement that North Carolinians call dirt.

Having fun on the Boots ride

Everyone is mesmerized by the Dora Sing-a-Long show!

Emma and Jack enjoy snacks while taking a break from the rides. Daddy and Will were riding the big water slides.

Will and Emma hold hands while waiting in line for the Scooby Doo Haunted House. Please note! There was no prompting from the parents to do this!

Will poses with Shaggy and Scooby Doo outside the Haunted House

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