Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jack's 5th Birthday

The bed tent

Future rock star?
The Bat Cave!
Dive sticks for the new swimmer
Getting some Emma love

The day finally came. He had been asking for weeks and I had to keep giving him the "number of sleeps" until his birthday. Then, one night, before he went to bed, he announced to everyone (typical Jack fashion) that tomorrow when we all woke up it would be HIS birthday. Hooray! Of course, he was the first one up and crept into our bedroom. He woke Allan and I by saying "it's my birthday". How sweet is that? :)

Daddy had to leave early for work, so Jack had to look at his pile on the buffet ALL DAY! He was very patient though. My friend, Ms. Nicole came first thing in the morning and took pictures of Jack outside in our backyard. She got some great shots, but for some reason, Jack wasn't in the mood to smile. All of his pictures are very somber.

I made macaroni and cheese (shell kind) per his request for lunch and we played throughout the day. At one point, I wanted to go to Costco for some groceries but I got "the look" from Emma and she said, "seriously, on his BIRTHDAY?". That gave me a reality check and we got back to the business of doing-whatever-Jack-wanted-because-it-was-his-birthday.

Finally, Daddy came home and we opened presents, ate pizza and played more games. Jack got the guitar he had been wanting from Grandma. Now, he needs the lessons! Will gave him a cool Toy Story 3 Lego race car and dive sticks. Note: he can actually use the dive sticks because he just learned how to swim! Emma gave him a Toy Story 3 bed tent that is so cool she had to sleep with him under it the first night. It's a good thing those two get along so well and are small - he has a twin bed! Mom and Dad gave Jack a Bat Man cave that he had wanted since Christmas. That was a hit with all three kids. Who would have thought?!

All in all, it was a fun day and I still can't believe that my little Jack is FIVE! Time has flown. I guess that is what happens when you have fun. And Jack makes everything fun.

Happy Birthday, Jack!

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